In an evolving world of organized crime, Johnny is a reliable prodigy looking to keep his boss Vincent on top of the food chain. In order to do so, Johnny utilizes Ross and Gill, Vincent's muscle, to keep wannabe drug kingpin Stefan from undermining Vincent's Empire.


Meanwhile on the bottom of the mob hiearchy, twenty something druggie Jake attempts to fix his mistakes in the hopes of picking up with his girlfriend Tiff and escaping Johnny's growing shadow over them.


In Critical Condition is a character drama that studies the consequences to every action, questioning how far we would go to keep our world spinning. You won't believe the answers till you see the film!



Stephen Shore as Johnny

Leighton Schlanger as Jake

Austin Frye as Gill

Micah Vassau as Ross

D.L. Payne as Vincent

Rebecca Brinkley as Tiffany

Kegan Dean Rushing as Stefan

Jasmine Anne Osborne as Raquel

Neil Wolfman as Hamm the Cop

Gordon Dillard Jr as Solo

Lindsay Carter as Eve

Brian Walsh as Colin

William R. Davis as Paulie

Ryan Duncan as Ken

Eric Dowdy as Marty Maguffin

Gabriel Russo as Sal

Ryan Fergusson as Maurice

Whitney Fravel as Stripper

Darren Hummel as Pincher

Sherree Sharron as Marty’s Wife

Umar Awain  as Drug Buyer

Emily Sheek as Stripper #2

Paul Gunter as Raquel’s kid

Benjamin Hortie as Bones

Jimmy Kelly as Sweatshirt Victim

Zach “Fritz” Strum as Guy in Strip Club



Written, Produced and Directed by Jimmy Kelly

Executive Producer - Samantha Kelly

Editor - Aaron Greenbaum

Casting Director - Phil Newsome

Director Of Photography - Christopher O’Leary

First Assistant Director - Aaron Kelly


Production Crew

Camera/Grip/Electric - Issac Banks

                                     David Robertson

 Sound Team – Emma Pearce

                         Issac Banks

                         Justin Dean

                         Nicholas Rossano

Blood FX - Zelda Vyssotsky

                  Emma Pearce

Props Manager - Aaron Kelly

Location Scout - Char-lay Douglas

Legal Affairs - Sean Kelly


Post Production

Sound Editor - Chris Joslyn

Music Composer - Soren Laulainen

Color Correction – Aaron Greenbaum

Foley Recordist – James McDoungh

Foley Artist - Emma Pearce


Shot on Location in Winston-Salem, NC and Astoria, NY.

Special Thanks

Sean Kelly,

Jim and Diane Kelly

Samantha and Jennifer Kelly

Mr. & Mrs. Greenbaum

Altair Casting and Production Services, LLC

Camino Bakery

Jack Duffus

Filly’s Gentlemen’s Club Winston-Salem, NC

Cliff Dorsel

Mark Leach

Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston Salem, NC

Shawn Hooper, Technical Director, Summit School

Summit School, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Eaton Insurance Agency

Earl P. Eaton

Claire Alvino

Bill Mai

Lidiya Selikhov

Hal Boyle at the Gateway Development, Winston-Salem, NC

Nathan Krochmal

Caleb Tou

Connor Sullivan

Ross Neugeboren

Joey and Beverly Jo Osborne

Kyle May Reese

David Gow

Alphonse and Diane Pesce

Drew Denton

Charlotte Cox

Meredith Hannah

Gabriel Russo

Andreas Guzman

Aaron Kelly

Emma Pearce

Michael Tuite

Matthew Clark

Torrey D’Angelo

Russell Leibowitz

Jess O’Hara

Glenn Charvat

Mark Charvat

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